PhD thesis

On December 20th 2016, I successfully defended my PhD thesis on the politics of ‘clean coal’.

Since the 1980s, technologies have been developed to capture CO from major point sources like coal plants, oil refineries or concrete factories. Once captured, this CO can then be stored in the deep underground. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) plays an important role in the climate strategy of almost all developed economies. However, its implementation has been slow and contested.

This qualitative study explores how democratic societies try to ‘clean’ the fossil-based power sector and provides a conceptual framework to understand the tensions, ironies and politics of knowledge involved.

(The thesis was long-listed for the prestigious Van Poelje-award. This award is given annually for the best PhD thesis defended in The Netherlands and Flanders in the field of public administration.)

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[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”PhD thesis Bart van Oost 2016″]

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